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Packaging closer look, and timelines
about 1 year ago – Fri, Jan 20, 2023 at 07:10:51 AM

Greetings world builders!

Welcome to the January update!

Firstly...actually, firstly I hope you all had a good holiday season, it's important to take that wholseome time to relax as best you can, so...second FIRSTLY (for all you tl;dr folk), we're on track for March shipping!

Anywho, let's take a look at what's been happening.


I've spent this last month working with the manufacturers on final packaging and box designs, and fine-tuning templates. This phase consists of finalising a design and sending physical tests to make sure everything fits, and functions, correctly. If it doesn't, we tweak it, and try again. There's lots of back and forth here.

Here's a look at the final Dusk box, and card decks - Combat, and Monsters Deck 1.


I'm currently waiting for the manufacturers to return to work (February 2nd), following the Chinese New Year celebrations, so they can do a final test run of all packages, and send them to me for my final approval. If everything works (and travels, this is important) as it should, I can hit the 'mass production GO' button.

Mass production should take anything up to 1 month to produce, and to get ready for handover to shipping. Then everything is sent away, to the wild, en route to you fine people.


You should all have all digital products now (final digital encounter and monster cards, to replace your beta decks, will be going out soon, I kept hold of those in case any final changes happened pre-printing), if there's something you don't have but think you should, let me know and I'll get it fixed for you.

That's all to really update on at the moment. Unless...did you want to hear about the joys of international tax/VAT setups?...No?...yeah me neither...

Project we love - RPG ESSENTIALS: Acrylic Creature Tokens for TTRPGs

Super excited for this project! You may well recognise some of these, because I commissioned Splattered Ink to make tokens for ATLAS. Their own Kickstarter has some different tokens, as well as some of their own creature creations coming soon!

So shiny!

RPG Essentials offers a new perspective on fantasy gaming minis. These acrylic, top-down tokens are durable, portable, and a great price on Kickstarter. Each monster is illustrated from above so they beautifully and seamlessly integrate into your TTRPG maps.

Acrylic creatures, monsters, heroes and NPCs, cut to shape for easy and immersive use in your tabletop roleplaying games. RPG Essentials gives you all the creatures you need to make your encounters unique and tactically impactful.

Find out more here -

Happy gaming!
Ollie - Moonlight Maps

Let's get physical, physical!
about 1 year ago – Tue, Nov 29, 2022 at 01:20:22 AM

Greetings world builders!

Welcome to the November update!

Firstly, the October update eventually fell into November due to test manufacturing of a batch of physical items. I wanted to have something substantial to update you with, and these products kept getting delayed/re-designed/tweaked. And here we are!

So here we go, let's look at the most recent batch of physical items from ATLAS, and I'll lead you through what's currently happening with each one and where they are RIGHT now!

*This is a long update, feel free to scroll to the items you're most excited about!*

Physical Items

GM Screen

The GM Screen has gone through some changes, mostly in the realms of 'finish', meaning that we got rid of the cut-off board edges and added a wrap-around so there are no 'ugly' edges. It also now has a nicer finish,  more easily flexible so it will hold it's shape, and is much thicker than originally conceived - I want this to be a staple GM Screen, not a flimsy thin card screen. This will LAST!

Seamless collage...

The interior 'info' section has had an upgrade since this test was manufactured - The text frames/borders are much nicer now (they're white, and include more of the frame designs from other ATLAS elements, the paper texture is now also a bluer hue), this has brought the GM Screen into the general ATLAS branding. There's also a whole bunch of illustrations throughout the screen, as well as the 'colour pip' section explaining how the encounter cards & maps match up with the colour pip system. Let me tell you, this GM Screen looks and FEELS great! I can't wait for you to get your hands on it!

Cards cards cards

- Monsters

169 monster cards, with custom monster art, and detailed stat blocks. These feel so nice, I genuinely got excited while thumbing through them. I really think these are an awesome aid for adventures!

You'll notice blank 'barcodes' - this round of samples were shipped before barcodes were finalised (they are now finalised), there's also been some other tweaks to get the layout working better, and looking more...'right'. The decks will also be a richer red with the final version, I think the colour in these samples is a bit dull and feels a bit more brown than red. Little updates :)

Mini for scale
Rear deck details

*Some details and layout here have since been moved around.

The big boys (or girls)
A look at the cards

The next shipment of Monster Decks should be the final checks before hitting the big green GO button for mass production!

- Encounters

50 Combat encounters, and 30 Mystery encounters, spread over 2 decks. Having had time to play through some of these encounters, and having the cards, I can honestly say that I think these are an essential GM tool. So easy to grab a card and run an encounter with 0 prep - which was exactly what I was hoping for when I first thought of them! 

You may notice some strangely sized letters on these, the monster decks, and the encounter cards themselves - there's been a glitch somewhere in the font/pdf/export world which we're currently working on fixing. Hey, this is what sampling is for! Frustrating, but at least we caught it before they were sent out!

Rear deck
The oh, so, satisfying wrapper peel!

I can confirm - the wrapper peel on these is worth it's own Kickstarter. One of the highlights for sure!


So, so many tokens. So many. Every token is carefully made to the size/scale they represent in the game (eg Huge creatures operate in a 3x3 inch square, as you probably know), so you and your players EASILY know just how big the creature is that they're in combat with!

Mini for scale, again
All the names...

Every token has the name on the back, so you can always find them no matter how they've landed.


The quality of these is insane! Not actually insane...but damn impressive! The colour and fx of each creature is perfect, and they feel great! Just wait til you pop them, I'll save that for your own experience!


Strange side-note, but these smell like a new paddling pool on a summers day. Accidental bonus :)

They smell so good!
Uh oh

The tree set didn't get cut, for some reason. So we're addressing that with the manufacturers for the next final proofs. Other than that peculiar error, the stickers are absolutely wonderful!

Stickers in action

Let's take a look at how they work in the field! Here's the Castle Bridge map, with my 'mini for scale'. 

So unprotected

He could certainly do with some cover...


Let's throw in a barrow, some barrels, and a crate on top of the barrow. Crisis averted!

The stickers work so well, just as I hoped! Easy to peel off the backing, place them where you like, and keep moving them as much as you want. As they have 0 adhesive (they work by the natural static friction vinyl creates) you can peel and re-peel as much as you like! Nothing gets sticky. Nothing rips. Absolute permanence. And what's even better? They suit the map style 100%, so nothing takes your players out of the immersion of the moment!

Final note on manufacturing

I'm so excited to get all of this in your hands! I can't wait til you get to unbox everything and get playing with it!! One thing that I've learnt through this process is how long this stage takes... A product gets 'finished', the manufacturers get the files and make templates for their machines to create the item, item gets made, the item gets shipped to me to check (in a batch with other items, not individually), I receive item and review it, I make changes to product files, rinse and repeat. 

This process takes a lot of time, and I want everything here to be perfect.

We're right at the end now! Just a few things to check after the next batch of samples arrives, and we'll be ready to hit GO on mass production! This will happen as we hit the new year, when there's a slot for mass production, making sure that everything can go straight to freight and shipment (so the items don't sit in storage - which costs money per day).

Very exciting times! And more exciting still - now that these partners, templates, logistics, and designs, are all in place, it means that future projects will take no time at all!

We'll look at more of the maps, the dice, and the pins in the next update.

Project we love - Ultimate Guide to Foraging, Harvesting and Natural Discovery

This project looks awesome, any opportunity to enhance the natural adventuring of a party is a winner for me!

This book expands on the Foraging and Harvesting appendices from Alchemy, Crafting & Enchanting, as well as offering new player options for downtime activities that allow them to upgrade items, advance in their guild, and enrich their character with new experiences outside of adventuring. It also continues the Magic Item Compendium, originally found in Alchemy, Crafting & Enchanting, with its own chapter featuring 200 new magic items.

Find out more, and get your free goodies, here - Ultimate Guide to Foraging, Harvesting and Natural Discovery

Happy gaming!
Ollie - Moonlight Maps

Physical items update & timeline
over 1 year ago – Sat, Oct 01, 2022 at 02:40:42 AM

Greetings world builders!

Welcome to the September update!

This month's update will look at where the physical items are right now in terms of production, and what the new timeline for delivery will likely be - October will not be the shipping date for ATLAS, and I'll go into those factors below - BUT it's not far away! :)

Apologies for the long update!


Some of you may have already seen some updates, I've given a few updates to backers on other channels, and in reply to some questions, but I'll go into some more detail here.

Where are we?

Everything is made, and ready for production, we've been there for a while now. We're currently fine tuning box designs and packing logistics, ready to hit GO on mass production.

Shipping timeline -

The reason for the timeline shift is the time of year the shipping was due to happen. As simple as that sounds. Shipping (including freight) fees go up a LOT this time of year. The end of year bottle-neck, rush, and increased volume of demands for Christmas/festive periods means there are strains on the shipping & freight industries, which means that costs are increased. 

All partners I'm working with have advised to avoid this period. If we didn't avoid this period the cost of shipping would go up significantly (which, for the volume we're creating, and 3,000+ shipments, any price increase multiplies very quickly), which would mean either passing the price increase to backers - which I wouldnt want to ever do -, or taking the hit personally - which would put a very tangable strain on the future of ATLAS, if it would be possible to do at all. 

This festive period (and price increases) runs from around November to February. So the new shipping/delivery date will be February so we avoid this period and return to healthier shipping fees.

The next few months will fly by, while we all enjoy our own festive periods, and we'll be greeted at the start of 2023 with a huge package from ATLAS! :)


What this does mean, is that I have a slightly longer window to refine materials, designs, and every other element of the manufacturing process - which will now begin a little closer to the shipping date so extended storage fees aren't incurred. (Yes, there are surprise fees everywhere :) )

I've recently been working with the manufacturing teams refining the design of the map box, and I wanted to share a peek here so you can have an insight into that process :)

(These are plain 'white samples')

Map box white samples
A look at the white sample map box

Here is a look at one of the options we were working with, effectionately referred to as '4-walls'. This version functions a bit more like a box of maps, but the 4th wall made it a bit more fiddly to turn the map pages, as well as removing them from the binder.

White sample map book

This is the 3-wall design, this is probably what we're running with. We're still fine-tuning some design elements though, so this probably won't be the final product. As you can see, it's much easier to flip through the maps and have them lay flat. We're also awaiting a 2-ring binder option, which we think will be another quality-of-life upgrade (not having to fiddle lining 4 holes up, etc).

The good news with manufacturing is that once these designs are locked in, they are ready for all future projects to launch immediately. So there is no design stage for future ATLAS projects!

Beta encounter decks

You should have all received your digital BETA Encounter Decks now (message me if you haven't). These are the final 80 Encounter cards - Combat & Mystery - having a last chance proof read by the masses. If you notice any grammatical, spelling, or any other errors please do let me know via the channel outlined in the download description :)

The final copies will be going out in a couple of weeks to give everyone time to browse them and find errors :)

Digital rewards

Digital Monster Cards will also be going out to everyone soon (don't talk to me about vampires.....), so if you wanted to get your hands on all digital items with immediate access you can do that by making a new order here (or send me a private message and I can add items to your order).

Project we love - Riftborne: Champions of the Multiverse!

I've been waiting for Riftborne for a long time, and it's finally here! Just, look at it! It's going to be EPIC!

I cannot WAIT!

Riftborne - Champions of the Multiverse is a cataclysmic package that brings unforgettable boss battles to your table. Flood your world with chaos as rifts between worlds open, bringing catastrophic devastation, inquisitive new races, flavorful subclasses, and a tide of monsters yearning to make a foothold in the land you call home. Complementing this 300+ page book are hand-drawn battlemaps, incredibly detailed physical minis (and STLs), and an arena combat system for your battle-hungry players.

Find out more, and get your free goodies, here - Riftborne

Happy gaming!
Ollie - Moonlight Maps

Tokens galore! GALORE!
over 1 year ago – Wed, Aug 31, 2022 at 05:24:59 PM

Greetings world builders!

Another month has flown by! Welcome to the August update!


This has somehow ended up being the month of tropical diseases running through our kids' nursery - almost every week my family was hit with something quite brutal. That's taken a lot of energy for the past  6 weeks or so and it's meant that I've had a lot of unplanned time off (for myself, and caring for children). So it goes. Everything is still rolling forward though, so let's dive in!

On to the good stuff!

Token boards!

I wanted to give you a sneak peek at some of the token board layouts. 

These beasts took quite some time to get laid out correctly - making sure every monster fit onto the boards and as minimal space as possible was wasted, a bit like a horrible version of Tetris. It was no easy task, I can tell you :)

Here's a look at 2 of the 8 token boards -

Token board with huge and giant creatures
Some of the big boys (and girls)
Token board with medium creatures
Lots of little fellas

You can see the scale between the different creatures on these boards, with the many Medium (1 inch) creatures compared to the selection of Large (2x2 inches), and Huge (3x3 inches) above. 

Can you spot your favourites on there?

I think at the last count we have 180 unique monsters, and most of them have 3 tokens each, and don't forget each monster comes with its own stat/art card for quick reference (if you want to grab any of these extras you can do so here -, or send me a private message to ammend your order)!

I truly can't wait to get these onto my own table...I just need to find reasons to use all of the awesome monsters now :D

Here's a look at some of the Monster Cards too -

Hill Giant and Hydra Monster cards, with stats
Hill Giant and Hydra cards

Beta files

Beta digital Monster Cards and Encounter Cards will be going out shortly so you can all enjoy those soon. They are 'beta' files as this stage will allow you all to comment on any errors/spelling mistakes/typos that you find via an official contact point, so we can make sure everything is 100% accurate for when manufacturing starts!

More news on that soon!

Digital rewards

Speaking of Digital Rewards - almost all of the digital content has now been distributed (with the card decks queued up and ready for review), so if you wanted to get your hands on any of that with immediate access you can do that by making a new order here (or send me a private message and I can add items to your order).

Project we love - The Shrouded Coast

The Shrouded Coast looks like it's going to be an awesome mini-setting adventure zine! Americana has a lot of hidden gems of folklore!

The Shrouded Coast: An Americana Themed 5E Setting and Adventure Zine is a new location and adventure setting inspired by Americana.

Featuring new subclasses, magical items, and unique creatures from folklore, this is bound to bring a lot of new flavour to your worlds!

Find out more, and get a free preview PDF, here -

Happy gaming!
Ollie - Moonlight Maps

Virtual Tabletops, and beyond! Let's get digital, digital!
over 1 year ago – Fri, Jul 29, 2022 at 06:11:11 AM

Greetings world builders!

Welcome to another update!

Foundry VTT

This week we distributed all of the Foundry VTT (virtual table top) packs, including; ATLAS Twilight & Dusk packs (100 maps), and Dragon's Hoard Twilight & Dusk packs (500+ maps). These map packs come pre-built with animated dynamic lighting, ambient sounds, and detailed walling, so you can jump your players straight into the story and not worry about the prep!

How do I get them?

Every backer eligable for the Foundry VTT packs will be able to access their unlock key now (via digital downlaods section of Backerkit - you should also have an email with links to this content). Follow the instructions on the Foundry VTT items in your Digital Downloads to install the packs, or follow this guide here -

If you haven't received your Foundry VTT unlock keys via Backerkit - check your emails and look for Backerkit updates from this week, head to Backerkit and check your Digital Downloads section, or reach out to me to check your account.

Here's another look at what's inside

Can I still get them?

Absolutely! If you didn't already add the VTT packs to your order there's still time to do so.
You can either -

  • Make a new order for the VTT packs that you want (Foundry VTT or Roll20, as the core set of 100 maps, or the full set of 500+ Dragon's Hoard maps) via Backerkit here.
  • or message me directly with clear details of which VTT packs you want (either Foundry VTT, or Roll20, and either the core ATLAS set of 100 maps, or the 500+ Dragon's Hoard pack) and I will add your chosen packs to your order.


The Roll20 VTT packs (ATLAS Twilgiht & Dusk, and Dragon's Hoard Twilight & Dusk) will be going out shortly, we've just been waiting for all of the unlock keys to be finalised. You should expect to get these in the next few days if the testing goes well!

Once you do get these you can follow the message instructions to install them directly to your Roll20 account, and enjoy jumping in to pre-made dynamic map content!

General update

I've been meeting with the shipping, freight, and manufacturing companies a lot over the last month - tying up loose ends, filling out forms, sorting out a lot of techincal and logistical plans, and goodness knows what else. There's a lot. We're another step closer to hitting manufacturing, but there's still a little way to go yet. 

It's exciting to see these things coming together, and to get an idea of how things will work down the line knowing that we're getting closer and closer to this being a real physical pack we can hold. It seems like a lifetime away, but I know it'll be here in no time!

Project we love - Steinhardt's Guide to the Eldritch Hunt

This is the 5e expansion you've been waiting for...well...I have anyway! Madness, nightmares, horror, MOONS. This is going to be freightening! I can't wait!!

Join the Eldrtich Hunt
I will certainly try!

Steinhardt's Guide to the Eldritch Hunt fuses Soulsborne inspiration with Lovecraftian horror in this 300+ page grimoire. Enhance your 5E game with nightmarish monsters, eldritch moons, and the ever-looming threat of madness. Create an unforgettable narrative as you lay waste to the bestial, eldritch spawn with an arsenal of trick weapons, blasphemous magic, and a plethora of new and twisted player options.

  • All-new madness system with over 100+ insane flaws and boons.
  • Unique lunar phase mechanic comprising 8 unique, environment-altering moons
  • 4 grimdark adventures
  • 12+ twisted race options
  • 15+ nightmarish subclasses
  • 20+ fully-illustrated trick weapons and expanded firearm options
  • 50+ fearsome foes: macabre monsters, fallen comrades, and spawns of the old ones
  • It is one big setting book and a surefire way to craft a bloody, gothic adventure with your friends.

Find out if you can tame the madness here -

Happy gaming!
Ollie - Moonlight Maps