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Level up your table with huge, printed maps, game-ready encounter cards, & reusable stickers!

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Week 2 update & let's look at encounters
over 1 year ago – Thu, Oct 28, 2021 at 12:57:14 AM

  • Two weeks
  • £115k ($160k)
  • 3 Stretch Goals
  • 1441 backers
  • 2300 map books
  • 1721 encounter decks
  • 1007 sets of sticker sheets
Rolling through the weeks!!

Thank you!

We're off to a great start! Barely half way through and we've already unlocked so much! There's plenty to come, and thanks to you all spreading the word and Landon's very kind stat updates, it looks like we'll unlock a bunch more before we're threw!

Thank you all so much for making this a reality! I can't wait for those bundles to be in your hands and on your tables!

Encounter cards

What are encounter cards?
Encounter cards can work a number of ways - they can get you out of a sticky spot if you haven't had time to prep for a session, or buy yourself time when your party heads somewhere unexpected, for a random battle you might fancy, or as inspiration for a side-quest or adventure storyline!
With my deck of 80 encounter cards you get 80 opportunities for more storylines, more quests, and more hooks for your players to be excited about delving deeper into your world! 

Intriguing storylines
I love Goblins, don't get me wrong, they'll feature somewhere in the decks for sure, but I didn't want these encounters to be "a pack of Goblins jumps out from the bushes...ATTACK" cards. Oh that has it's place, I love a good Goblin attack, but you don't need a deck of cards to do that.
What I really wanted from these encounter cards was to inspire, to excite, to make your players wonder, to give you ideas for other storylines, to add to your world, and more! 

You can see from the Ritual Interrupted card above that what the players will probably assume is a sacrifice is actually a cleansing, and if they stop the ritual they suffer the moral and physical consequences of the moment, a reputation from some of the local population, & the wrath of further encounters because of their actions. This might make your players think twice about their reactions and judging more carefully what they see. 

My aim really is to get your players to see that your world is a real, vibrant, complex, & living, world!

Which maps?

But which map should I use?

Ah. We've got you covered! Our cards suggest the ideal recommended map for each encounter (as shown above), so you can grab that one ahead of time if you're in a rush, and everything will work smoothly. 

As well as terrain which would naturally suit this encounter (the colourful pips above - the design of these is a work in progress), so if you're in a particular environment you know the card you've drawn will work, and you can choose any of the maps with the corresponding coloured pip! Of course you can mix and match, and bend our rules to your whim. You're the boss after all! Use these recommended maps, and terrain pips, as a guide for when you have less time to prep!

All the baddies...well, not ALL

How are they balanced?

We've got a particular formula (yes, there's a formula, and lots of maths involved...) and various tools to make sure our array of enemies are balanced for each level, as set by the official 5e content. 

All you keen DMs out there will know the struggles of balancing combat for your party, and you'll know it's hard, really hard. The guide to combat balancing is precisely that - a guide. What makes that guide harder to stick to? Magic items. 

Blast that wand!

You know your party better than anyone, and you know that letting your Barbarian have a +3 Greatsword that gives them advantage on DEX saves and automatically casts Shield 3 times per day was a grave mistake. 

So use the encounters enemy composition as a guide to save you time, a jumping off point. If your party walk through a particular enemy on the table, add another one, or change one of them for something else you know gives them chills.

Thank you again, all of you. For allowing me to build something for you all, and the greater community! I can't wait to hear your adventure stories! Keep talking about ATLAS, and let your DM friends know what they're missing!

Happy gaming!

Ollie (Moonlight Maps)

Project we love - The Lazy DMs Companion

The Lazy DM's Companion includes guidelines to help streamline your 5e D&D games, and inspirational generators to help you build your own D&D adventures and campaigns. Each set of guidelines makes it easier to focus your game on the fantastic stories shared with your friends, while the generators help you break out of creative ruts and build unique adventures and campaigns.

There's only a couple of days left before this project closes, so head over and check it out!

New ultimate tier, & map book contents guide!
over 1 year ago – Tue, Oct 26, 2021 at 05:15:38 PM

Greetings world builders!

There's been wonderful feedback from this community so far, it's been very useful for me as a first time as a one-man team! I've read & listened to everything that's been sent in, and I'm doing my very best to implement the new features and suggestions in a timely manner! 

One such request, which many of you have asked for, was to have an 'All In' tier to include all of the items available, and to save you having to add extra items to your pledges as more awesome things get released as stretch goals! 

So, here it is, by popular demand: The All In tier! And here's what it includes -

The All-In Tier includes all physical & digital content, and all upcoming stretch rewards:

  • The Dusk hardcover map book containing all 50 maps (25" x 25")
  • The Twilight hardcover map book containing all 50 maps (18" x 22")
  • The 'Combat' encounter deck: 50 encounter cards 
  • The 'Mystery' encounter deck: 30 encounter cards 
  •  Removable stickers (3 sheets)
  • Set of 7 'Midnight' resin dice & velvet dice bag
  • Pack of 3 enamel Moon Boy pins 
  • ATLAS GM screen 
  • All 75 physical monster cards 
  • All 200+ physical monster tokens 
  • All digital maps
  • All digital encounters
  • All digital adventures
  • All digital monster cards
  • All digital monster tokens
  • Either Foundry VTT or Roll20 pre-built ATLAS VTT map packs
  • A soundtrack of 10 loopable Soundscapes
  • All unlocked current and future stretch goals!

That's quite the bundle! It's going to look like Christmas morning when you're unpacking all of that :)

A little look at my Roadside Camp, Dungeon Prison, and Fighting Pit

You folks have also, rightly, been asking about the contents of my map books Dusk and Twilight. I've taken the opportunity to talk with many of you via the comment sections here and on the main campaign page, as well as our Discord server (accessed via the link at the end of the campaign page), to see what sorts of maps would be most useful to you. And the ideas you've given me has helped shape my vision of these books immensely :)

Close up detail of my Roadside Camp map

Now, I'm a big fan of reusability with the maps I draw, and I've always thought it a shame to have awesome maps that you only get to use once, this is a big reason for me releasing maps with as many versions for narrative options as possible. I want you to be able to revisit and reuse these maps! So with your input, and my own current (and future) maps, I've put together a (wip) list of maps so you can get a good idea of what you'll get to explore with your players! 

This list is organic and can/will change depending on community feedback and the balance of the selection, and I will keep you updated with how it's all shaping up in upcoming updates! :) 

I've also left some space in each book for the community to continue to shape (I have many, many, existing maps at hand to fill any remaining space so don't worry about that :) I thought it would be nice to continue to see what you think would be most useful). So please do let me know of any maps and areas you like to regularly play on and revisit, or you think just might be missing from the books so far, and I'll see what I can rustle up (either from my existing collection, or something new)!    :)

Thank you all for being so involved, and for making this project a reality!

Happy gaming!

Ollie (Moonlight Maps)

 Project we love - Magical Oddities

Although this project just ended, you can still 'late pledge' to this awesome campaign and make sure you get some of those incredible item decks!

Dungeon Scribe: Magical Oddities Decks are a culmination of a passion project to deliver Multiple Card Decks of exciting unique magical items to enhance your 5E games. Discover fully-illustrated items with quick reference icons, all designed for multiple tiered expansive varieties of play. Grow your table's arsenal, dole out new items with ease, and empower both players and NPCs in bold new ways.

Check it out here -

(You can also find more details on the Kickstarter page here, but you can order straight away on the Backerkit link above)

£100k! Tokens everywhere!
over 1 year ago – Thu, Oct 21, 2021 at 10:59:12 PM

£100k achieved!!!!!!! That’s ANOTHER stretch goal unlocked!!

"You're doing it Peter!" Look at how we're shaping up now with bonus Monster Card decks AND Monster Tokens, on top of the 2x Encounter Decks, 2x Map Books, Stickers, dice, GM screen, pins...! HoooWeee our tabletops have never looked so good!

Unlock! Unlock! Unlock!

New Stretch Goal £200k: Monster Tokens #2!

Even more tokens! Another 200+ physical tokens being cooked up, that'll be over 400 monster tokens in total! Taken from the official monsters SRD, and each one beautifully illustrated by Splattered Ink, these tokens mean that you always have a terrifying amount of pogs (that's thick card tokens to you and me) to bury your party with!

Ooh a harmless loot chest!

Next Stretch Goal £150k: 'Undying Love' - Adventure #2!

This unique adventure is going to get you right in the feels. Right smack bang in the feels! This adventure is going to take your party through an emotional rollercoaster (and a combat one, of course), and will be available as a bonus reward for All Tiers (everyone who has a copy of one of the ATLAS books - Dusk and/or Twilight)!

Grieving to the max!

Project we love - Fools Gold

Who DOESN'T love Dingo Doodles?! *distant bell-tower chimes* THAT'S RIGHT! Nobody.

This campaign setting (and a whole buttload more!) is shaping up to be something truly special, and if you're a fan of the show...we all are...then this is an essential adventure!

Oh and our maps and encounters are all compatible!

Uh oh, a pesky Tarrasque!

Fools Gold: Into the Bellowing Wilds is an exciting new 5e adventure that takes place in the world’s deadliest jungle where everything wants to kill you! Fun! Enhance your games with this jungle campaign setting, including a buttload of new content. We’ve also got brand new wilder magic & curse charts that will definitely excite GMs while the players pray to the dice gods.
Delve into the Bellowing Wilds, discover the rich lore of the world, and find out what happened to the ancient Foreclaimers who disappeared thousands of years ago, leaving ruins, mysteries, MECHANICAL DRAGONS AND DINOSAURS, and awesome treasures behind…

Go check it out here!

Thanks again everyone! You are kicking all the butts!

Ollie (Moonlight Maps)

Week 1 update & a closer look at Taverns!
over 1 year ago – Tue, Oct 19, 2021 at 11:05:51 PM

  • One week
  • £96k ($133k)
  • 2 Stretch Goals
  • 1244 backers
  • 1979 map books
  • 1488 encounter decks
The TTRPG tavern party

Thank you!

Yes you. None of this would be possible without you. You've helped create something that will be the centrepiece of so much joy all over the world. That's...too big to fathom.

So, thank you. The TTRPG community is making such magical things a reality, in ALL areas, let's bloody keep doing it! All of us!


Most great adventures start at a tavern.

Why? It's where we come together. Strangers meeting by chance for the first time, tied by destiny to forge a path at each other's side. Friends resting by the glow of a fire after a perilously long journey, drowning their sorrows in a frothy ale. Acquaintances catching a fixed bet and starting a bar brawl. Taverns have the power to start (and end) our most incredible journeys.

Twilight - City Tavern

So a Tavern was a no-brainer. Both Dusk and Twilight books get a tavern of their very own, so owners of both get 2 taverns. That's twice as good as 1 tavern :D 

Need a roadside spot for a twist in the narrative? A location for evening activities? Or just have multiple locations in your world and need more than 1 tavern? Now you got it!

Dusk - Country Tavern


Each of my maps is hand-painted, and hand-drawn. No generators here. No apps. No stock. What you're getting with ATLAS is many hours, sometimes multiple days, of hand-to-tablet time. So I'm able to create the finest of narrative details for you and your players to explore!

Your Rogue wants to sneak something rather mischievous into the evenings meal? No problem -

A watched pot never...gets poisoned...

Your party get into a spot of bother and need to win back their freedom over a hand of cards...done -

House always wins

Maybe your party need to make contact with a secretive NPC who likes shady corner spots under the got it -

Peace and qui...oh a bar brawl...


This is where the fun begins. I make a variety of map variations in each pack I paint, from; grassland to snowy settings, deserts to mists, underwater to magic relics, war-torn to peaceful night time. I believe that a map should cover as many narrative options as you can cook up, or, at least a good amount of them! 

I know these aren't taverns

So in the ATLAS books Dusk and Twilight I'm including an interesting variant on the reverse side of every map. You can then switch between day and night at your Taverns to bury your players deeper into the immersion of your world, activate that magical artefact deep within the forest, or purely destroy that dang bridge!

The only question is...which ones do I include? My mission from the start was to make books of maps that are the most usable, and reusable, so night versions come to mind. Particularly for the taverns. But for maps that are more interesting or have a specific use I will probably go with a destroyed version, an activated artefact, a flooded chamber, or a raided gatehouse. Maybe my next set of books will be a snow theme...I'm a fan of the snowy setting as you can see from some of the maps I have on show...


  • What do you feel would be most useful for variants? Are you a fan of night versions of the maps? Maybe you want extreme changes. Or a mix of both?

Let me know in the comments below :)

Oh and thank you again, we really are part of an incredible community! 

If you want to get your hands on more of those stretch goals tell your friends about ATLAS! Shout it from the rooftops, post on your socials, tell your DM buddies. It all helps to create more wonderful products for the whole community! :)

Happy gaming!

Ollie (Moonlight Maps)

Heliana's Guide Cross Compatibility & map discussion
over 1 year ago – Tue, Oct 19, 2021 at 10:06:27 AM

Wonderful news everyone!

What a tasty surprise!

Myself and the wonderful Heliana's Guide to Monster Hunting team have joined forces to bring you a world of expansion!

Gimme the details!

Our ATLAS maps (from both Dusk and Twilight books) and encounter cards are all fully compatible with the systems within Heliana's! For example - the random encounters in Heliana's Guide will have an index linking to ATLAS recommended maps, and our encounters perfectly complement their tracking system where, if you succeed on your checks, you get a narrative/mystery encounter, and if you fail, you get a hostile/combat encounter!

Maps for days!

What does this all mean?

Good question! This means that if you bought a copy of Heliana's Guide you've just unlocked a massive expansion of content with ATLAS, adding a plethora of unique encounters AND a huge collection of tabletop maps to strengthen your world even more!

Exciting TTRPG times indeed!

What maps would you like to see in ATLAS?

One of our wonderful backer-gang has asked on the comments page which kinds of maps you all might like to see in the Twilight and Dusk map books. Why not pop over and join in on the discussion, and/or comment below :)

Project we love - Quests & Cannons

I'm a sucker for a board game, especially one with a unique world, and this one looks like it has the whole package!

Quests & Cannons is a thematic strategy game set in an original high fantasy world that can be enjoyed by both new and seasoned players alike!

You are heroic champions sent to explore the Risen Islands! Complete quests, gather resources, follow map clues, upgrade your ship, collect loot, and battle rivals to ensure your homeland prospers!

Go dig deeper, their campaign ends today so you gotta be quick!

Happy gaming everyone!

Ollie (Moonlight Maps)